Thursday, January 3, 2008

So far, so good

The injectable needles are a breeze, well, let me rephrase that, they're nothing compared to what I thought they would be.

The first needle was a mental battle with myself. I must have filled the syringe 3-4 times to make sure I get every bubble out, even though they wouldn't kill me since they're not in my veins and I was probably just making them up. Then I alcoholed everything including myslef A LOT of times to make sure it was sterile, lol, I have issues. And it took me about a hlaf an hour to get myself to do it and Derek just kept saying it'll be fine..but I'm not doing it LOL. And really, it wasn't bad at all! Last nights hurt a teeny bit and bled a smidget but I think it was because I didn't get it to room temp. Even though you don't really feel that, but who knows.

Well, originally when I went in on Monday, New years eve 2007, they found 9 eggs...all measuring between 9-15 and most were on the 9-11 side. This is about normal, but shows thats I'm responding well to the injectables! Yesterday when I went, I have 2 at mature size (17.5, 18.5) so tonight I'm going to trigger and go for back to back IUI's again on Fri and Sat. Though they only measured 7 yesterday, they stopped measuring them around the 9-10 and I had quite a few more, but wit hthe other 2 so big, they won't mature in time anyway. Oh yea and we had one at 13, they didn't say anything about it, but it can still grow after the trigger and may be able to be released as well, but truly, only God knows.

So, hopefully this weekend will be it.

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