Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's been a while

Wow, I haven't posted in awhile! We've had 2 appts with Dr. Lesorgen since I've updated. On 2/15 we had another ultrasound and the baby was beautiful! He/she is starting to look like a baby, not just a blob. We saw the arms/legs, it was amazing! The hpm was a strong 170 and it was still as amazing as the first time to hear. The baby was measuring one day ahead, which is great and measured 17mm! Amazing what a difference a day makes!

We also went to our graduating visit with my RE on 2/25. We had to wait a little extra time because I wasnt told that my ultrasound was external, so I had to fill my bladder...boy in the end I was about to explode! I couldnt believe that the baby was already big enough to be seen externally and hear the heartbeat again :-) Again it was a strong 170bpm. We didn't get to see much this time since external is much harder to see and with a little extra, I'm sure its tougher, but I saw the flicker of the heartbeat and heard it, so I didnt care about much else! He/she was measuring 26mm, again one day ahead of schedule! So, after all went well, including my prog level, though I am weary, I graduated to my reg OB. Don't get me wrong, I will forever be thankful to Dr. Lesorgen and Linda, well and I guess Christine (the U/S tech), and I love them, I just wanted to be able to be a "normal" pg patient. Of course the person that made this all possible is God and I thank him every day. On Monday 3/3 I will have my first appt with Dr. Rauthauser, so I will keep you updated.

For now, I'm simply nauseous, hungry, tired, etc. I've been vomiting a lot, but hopefully it will get better. My heartburn is not too bad and I hope it doesnt get any worse! But it doesnt matter, I will do it for this baby!

Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm in Heaven!!

Well, we got to see our baby today! It was absolutely amazing! We got to see the little flicker of the heartbeat and we also got to hear it! It was a good 130 beats/min and Derek says it sounded like a train according to Derek. The baby is measuring right on schedule and is 8mm long. It was truly phenomal. The gift of life that God gives us is truly incredible!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beta # 3

Wel, on Monday I went in for beta # 3 and had like 8 vials of blood taken to do prenatal screening....scary!!

Dr. Lesorgen did an internal exam and saw no spotting and my cervix is closed..which is all great!

I got the phone call and my beta # is went from 434 to 4,558 in one week! So the baby is growing well. However, my progestrone level dipped a little bit to 17 and I started flipping. Now, it is not low enough to get concerned about, so I calmed down after a while, but I am being put on suppositories so that I can get my levels back to where they were, jsut to be on the safe side. It's probably since my ovaries are supposed to produce this hormone and on their own, without meds, they dont know how to do much of anything lol.

So, on Monday, Feb 4, we get our first Ultrasound!! I am dying for Monday to come so I can see the baby and most likely be able to see the heartbeat and then I will be more relaxed. Right now I'm on edge even though I know I need to calm down. Everything is going great, but I'm just a worry wart. Well, I'll let you know on Monday what we got to see and if there is one baby or more (gasp) long as the baby/babies are healthy I could care less!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So far, so good :-)

Well, beta numbers should ate least double every 48 hours and mine went from 37 to 434 in 4 days!!! Yay, God- willing the numbers will keep going up at this rate (or ate least doubling every 48 hrs) and we'll be good to go!! Every one is soo excited!!! We have another appt on 1/28 for beta again and an office consult with Dr. Lesorgen bc he likes to talk to pregos :-) I'm high above the moon right now, but I am truly very complaints though, I would do anything for this baby!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

It's official...I'm having a baby!!!

Wow, I still think that I'm saying the words, but I don't realize how much my life has just been tocuhed when our miracle baby was created! These have been an intersting few days to say the least. On the early AM of the 16th, around 2 am, I woke up and began to vomit and have was the big bad stomach bug :-( I layed around all day and ended up with a fever of 105 degrees!! I almost couldn't believe it! The ambulance came and they took my heart rate and it was 155..apparently when your fever is so high the reason you can die is because of your heart going coo-coo...and I was almost giving meds to slow it down, btu thankfully the tylenol I took before they came was good enough to start bringing it down by itslef and it was around 130ish but the time I got to RWJ. It ended up that they did a urine prego test and it was negative, but they said it doesnt really detect until beta over 50, which I was so early, technically tom would be my missed period, so it neg, and not only was I sick, but I was devestated!!

Needless to say I went for my lad work yesterday morning as plannned and they called back with the great news.....I in fact AM pregnant and my beta # was 37.4, which is perfectly normal for this early in the pregnancy, and therefore, is why the test at the hospital was neg. They also said that my levels for other stuff, I think progestrone ? were high, which is great and they should be, but is probably why else I'm feeling so queasy, but its ok, a baby is worth it...all we pray for is a healthy baby! PHEW, was I releived and estatic, though I dont think it will hit me until I see that baby and hear the heartbeat :-) We picked up a few books for grandparetns at the bookstore and went and surprised both sets of grandparents. First, we went to my parents house and gave my mom the book she was excited and then I told my dad and he kind of had a smirk and was unsure of what to say and stared Derek down like, YOU did this to her, lol, but after that and his concern for my weight, a job, etc, he got over it and he seems excited. Their only concer now is that I'm due the end of September and that is the usual time they go to Greece!! How dare us, lol, but they obviuosly got over it :-)

Joyce and Vicky are praying for a HEALTHY baby girl and Joyce already asked how old she would be for Halloween so she can dress her up :-) Derek is set on a HEALTHY boy, I'm simply set on a HEALTHY baby, though girl stuff is adorable :-X

We then the SNOW to Derek;s parents house and I knew they were going to know as soon as they saw us. Lissette looked at Derek and was in shock, like No?!?! and she cried and hugged us and Julio figured it right out too and poor Tiffany was clueless, but was soo happy when she figured it out :-) So now all of the adventures begin...waking up in the middle of the night to pee, nauseous, heartburn, etc.

Actually, Linda, the vampire from my RE like I call her, called this morning jus to congratualte me since she doesn't work on Thursdays!! I love her so much...with God, Dr. Lesorgen and Linda, oh yea and of course Derek ;-) I wouldn't be prego. Now all we ask for is for the Lord to bless us throughtout this healthy pregnancy and let our baby be healthy!! I go back for beta to make sure that its rising steadily on Monday, so I'll keep you posted!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

10dpo and BFP!!!

well, today is the first time in my life that I ever took a pregnancy test and it said Pregnant!! I just have been feeling weird, breast tenderness, frequent peeing, cramping, etc., and so I decided to take a test this morning just for the heck of it and it was a BFP!!! I am cautiously excited because I called the RE and they said that they can't rule out the "trigger" giving me the positive, even though I have previously tested on 10dpo and got BFN, so I'm very optimistic. All of the boards on the nest...TTC, success after IF tell me they have see this before and the drugs should be out of my system. I sure hope so!! I'm going for bloodwork on Thursday morning, I hope it says the same thing!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Optimistically Waiting...

Well, the IUI's were a hit!! Daddy's counts were great this month, 100 mil and 120 mil respectivley compared to about 20 million in the previous months IUI's! So they happened on 1/4 and 1/5 with a lot of BDing around those times too ;-) So, now we just sit here and wait. My breasts are very tender and have been for quite a few days and usually its only for a few days before my period and my RE said it could be an early sign! God-willing, that is what it is. My hormone levels and lining look great and 2 eggs ovulated, so all we can do it sit and wait and hope this it!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

So far, so good

The injectable needles are a breeze, well, let me rephrase that, they're nothing compared to what I thought they would be.

The first needle was a mental battle with myself. I must have filled the syringe 3-4 times to make sure I get every bubble out, even though they wouldn't kill me since they're not in my veins and I was probably just making them up. Then I alcoholed everything including myslef A LOT of times to make sure it was sterile, lol, I have issues. And it took me about a hlaf an hour to get myself to do it and Derek just kept saying it'll be fine..but I'm not doing it LOL. And really, it wasn't bad at all! Last nights hurt a teeny bit and bled a smidget but I think it was because I didn't get it to room temp. Even though you don't really feel that, but who knows.

Well, originally when I went in on Monday, New years eve 2007, they found 9 eggs...all measuring between 9-15 and most were on the 9-11 side. This is about normal, but shows thats I'm responding well to the injectables! Yesterday when I went, I have 2 at mature size (17.5, 18.5) so tonight I'm going to trigger and go for back to back IUI's again on Fri and Sat. Though they only measured 7 yesterday, they stopped measuring them around the 9-10 and I had quite a few more, but wit hthe other 2 so big, they won't mature in time anyway. Oh yea and we had one at 13, they didn't say anything about it, but it can still grow after the trigger and may be able to be released as well, but truly, only God knows.

So, hopefully this weekend will be it.