Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Had 1st RE Appt

Well, today was the first day of having closure and step closer to bringing you into this world. We went to the RE specialist in Englewood and he did a huge background study on both of us. He then did an ultrasound, but found nothing as he couldn't see me ovulating, although I should be on day 16 right now. He is very aggressive and assured us that as healthy young adults we should be prego in no time. he stated that for our age bracket, the pregnancy rate is inthe 90th percentile. You can't get much better than that. He stated that if lost a little weight it may help, which I'm trying and that if Derek stopped smoking, it could possibly help as well, which he is currrently too stressed to do. We're going to finish out this cycle, see if I ovulate and possibly get prego or if not in 2 weeks we will begin a new cycle with more aggressive meds. Also, he is not one to wait, I think he likes to get right in there and take care of business. Next week I will go back for another ultrasound to see if I ovulated later than usual and some blood work to check my insulin levels due to my PCOS and to see if I need meds for that as well. After the next aggressive med cycle, I will have to do injectables, which means a shot a day for 10 days. You should be glad that we truly are dying to have you or else there is NO WAY I would even remotely begin to contemplate optionally giving myself daily injections. Also, I think if need be Derek will get a sperm analysis, but I think that we're trying to see if we can find my mix yet before we start working on him, since we already know my prob and he (hopefully) doesnt have one. Well, its all a matter of time and all we can tkae are baby steps, so one step into the right direction and you should be created with love asap :-)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Made an RE appt

Well, yesterday I made my first RE appt. I searched the top doctors and called one that is all the way up in Englewood and we are going there on Sept 19th. The sad realization that I really do need help to conceive hit me yesterday. It's quite upsetting and it hurts to know that you can't do what God gave us all the privilege to do by ourselves, in the privacy of our own home. I hope that my insurance kicks in before the 19th or else I will have to postpone the appointment because it is out-of-network, so if we're going to pay the $, it might as well be put towards our deductible. It's frightening to know just how much medical bills are these days....its outrageous. Also, today is Day 5 and I am still having heavy bleeding. I called the doctor's office on Day 3 and they said even though its out the ordinary for me, they're not concerned about it until Day 10!! By then I'll be so weak and sick, but I can't be an exception to the rules. I took a pregnancy test right before I started the Provera, so I hope that it was invalid and I miscarried :-( Not that I would ever be able to know that (I don't think), so I might as well stop worrying about it now, what's done is done. The months that you don't concieve are since God wanted you to have the children that he will give you, when he has it planned for you.

Today I am also going to start Weight Watchers AGAIN. I need to do this for myeslf and for my future children. I read last night that miscarriagea are more common in women that are overweight and since I know that women with PCOS also have a higher instince of it, I need to lower that factor as much as I can. Regardless, this extra weight is taking a toll on me physically..I'm always tired and too lazy to do things. Also, you have less risks for yourself and the baby if you're at a healthy weight. I hope to lose weight and concieve on the way, however not to lose then 100 that I want to lsoe and then get pregnant because that is going to be a lot of waiting time. So, heres to a new adventure in life..a new body...a new MD and hopefully soon, a new baby :-)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Well, here goes nothing. I guess I am beginning this to "officially" take note of my infertility. We have been trying since we married 7/16/06 and we have gotten nowhere. I hope that my child will one day read this and know how much mommy (and daddy) wanted him/her. Well, tomorrow I am going to call the reproductive endocronologist and see how much $ everything is and weight our options of paying out of pocket or coughing up $ for insurance. Anyhow, I am distraught with the fact of how helpless I am that I can not concieve this baby on my own. I am unsure of how to handle this as I have always been in control of everything my entire life. Well, we will be the happiest parents on Earth when it does happen.