Friday, January 18, 2008

It's official...I'm having a baby!!!

Wow, I still think that I'm saying the words, but I don't realize how much my life has just been tocuhed when our miracle baby was created! These have been an intersting few days to say the least. On the early AM of the 16th, around 2 am, I woke up and began to vomit and have was the big bad stomach bug :-( I layed around all day and ended up with a fever of 105 degrees!! I almost couldn't believe it! The ambulance came and they took my heart rate and it was 155..apparently when your fever is so high the reason you can die is because of your heart going coo-coo...and I was almost giving meds to slow it down, btu thankfully the tylenol I took before they came was good enough to start bringing it down by itslef and it was around 130ish but the time I got to RWJ. It ended up that they did a urine prego test and it was negative, but they said it doesnt really detect until beta over 50, which I was so early, technically tom would be my missed period, so it neg, and not only was I sick, but I was devestated!!

Needless to say I went for my lad work yesterday morning as plannned and they called back with the great news.....I in fact AM pregnant and my beta # was 37.4, which is perfectly normal for this early in the pregnancy, and therefore, is why the test at the hospital was neg. They also said that my levels for other stuff, I think progestrone ? were high, which is great and they should be, but is probably why else I'm feeling so queasy, but its ok, a baby is worth it...all we pray for is a healthy baby! PHEW, was I releived and estatic, though I dont think it will hit me until I see that baby and hear the heartbeat :-) We picked up a few books for grandparetns at the bookstore and went and surprised both sets of grandparents. First, we went to my parents house and gave my mom the book she was excited and then I told my dad and he kind of had a smirk and was unsure of what to say and stared Derek down like, YOU did this to her, lol, but after that and his concern for my weight, a job, etc, he got over it and he seems excited. Their only concer now is that I'm due the end of September and that is the usual time they go to Greece!! How dare us, lol, but they obviuosly got over it :-)

Joyce and Vicky are praying for a HEALTHY baby girl and Joyce already asked how old she would be for Halloween so she can dress her up :-) Derek is set on a HEALTHY boy, I'm simply set on a HEALTHY baby, though girl stuff is adorable :-X

We then the SNOW to Derek;s parents house and I knew they were going to know as soon as they saw us. Lissette looked at Derek and was in shock, like No?!?! and she cried and hugged us and Julio figured it right out too and poor Tiffany was clueless, but was soo happy when she figured it out :-) So now all of the adventures begin...waking up in the middle of the night to pee, nauseous, heartburn, etc.

Actually, Linda, the vampire from my RE like I call her, called this morning jus to congratualte me since she doesn't work on Thursdays!! I love her so much...with God, Dr. Lesorgen and Linda, oh yea and of course Derek ;-) I wouldn't be prego. Now all we ask for is for the Lord to bless us throughtout this healthy pregnancy and let our baby be healthy!! I go back for beta to make sure that its rising steadily on Monday, so I'll keep you posted!!

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