Sunday, October 21, 2007

Car for baby!!

Well, i officially got the best b-day present ever...a new car!! I got the 2008 toyota rav4...just for you! Well, okay, not exactly, I needed a new car and I liked this one, my dad made a deal and ta-da! i'm excited and hope that you will be here soon to ride in it...its a pretty smooth ride if do say so myself!! It's the greatest gift that I've ever recieved, well aside from my faith, love and health, and the only b-day present that could ever top it is you :-)

Friday, October 19, 2007

RE Appt #3

Well, today was the third day of my cycle and therefore I had to go to my specialist for blood work, an ultrasound, and to talk about our next step. I will be given 100mg of Clomid in addition to my metformin and we discussed possibly having an IUI as well. I will be monitored for ovulation, triggered if it doesn't come and hope for the best. He also stated that the latest news on PCOS is to lose 5% of body weight (which I more/less have) and Clomid, so we're basically doing everything that we can. Great, I'm just waiting for the news that we want now too. Carla and Dimitra had their babies and I haven't seen them yet, but its getting me upset just thinking about how they will be glowing just watching over and looking at their children. Do not get me wrong, I am so happy for both of them, but after going through everything we've been through, its hard to not be a little jealous. Well, the doctor seems very confident that we are on the right path and that he will get my prego this month..well technically next month by the time I I'm more than elated and we'll see what the meantime I will celebrate my 24th b-day this weekend and be able to freely have a few drinks ;-) Hopefully we'll concieve you soon!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Results of blood work

Well, last Wednesday I returned to the RE and had some blood work done to check my insulin levels and had another ultrasound to check for ovulation and again, I had still not ovulated. Gee, if you don't ovulate, you don't get pregnant, therefore, we are one step closer to the solution. On Friday Linda called and stated that my insulin levels were high and that I was insulin resistant, therefore not ovulating. So now, I have to start taking Metformin once a day for a week and then twice a day from them on in. These meds, along with the low carb diet that I put myself on now, should make me ovulate and hopefully get prego asap. Well, she told me that she would call them in on Friday and when I went to Walgreens on Saturday, they stated that it wasn't called in, which I found weird because I know that if there was a problem with my pharmacy, Linda would have called. So, I waited until Monday to call the RE and she stated that she had left a voicemail..well I guess my wonderful pharmacy decided that messages are not important. So, she had to recall the meds in and then I started them on Tues.

In the middle of all of this heartache, I went to Athena's 30th birthday party on sunday and almost ALL of her friends (okay--3 of them) were prego. I felt so happy for them yet so empty inside at the same time. It's just something life throws at you that you have to live with, but its hard. On to of all this, my phone/dsl internet connection wasn't working for 5 days!!! Apparently the construction site moved the phone poles and Verizon never changed the pairs I've learned all about it) and therefore, my phone line was dead. We waited ALL day on Saturday for Verizon to come and they showed up at 6pm!!! He connected our lines, however used the pairings from the numer down the street and therefore they had our line. When they changed theres back on Monday morning, we had their line...this took place several times until Tuesday when a Verizon man worked on BOTH of the lines at the same time figured everything out!!! Geez. is it really that tought to send the same person to the same street because maybe there might be a problem like this that goes on and on and on and no one pieces it together!!

Anyway, the bloodwork also showed that I still had not ovulated and therefore, there was no way that I would get my period on Tuesday, like I should have. So I had to go take more blood to get a negative pregnancy test in order to start on Provera to bring my period on...right around my birthday, isn't that nice?! And, on top of this I'm sick and I began coughing yesterday so now I have to take a med for that because today I have to go for my routine MRI and I can't be coughing in the machine. I think my body's going to go haywire on me...first I take Metformin (which is really a diabetic drug, but also used in PCOS patients to help them ovulate), now I'm on Provera to bring on my period, then I take Robitussin and today I have to get the iodine contrast during my test!! and I'm anti-drugs, how did this happen to me?? Well, all we can do is take care of ourselves and hope we're doing everything right. Have faith in God and our doctors and we will get to where we need to be!!