Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beta # 3

Wel, on Monday I went in for beta # 3 and had like 8 vials of blood taken to do prenatal screening....scary!!

Dr. Lesorgen did an internal exam and saw no spotting and my cervix is closed..which is all great!

I got the phone call and my beta # is went from 434 to 4,558 in one week! So the baby is growing well. However, my progestrone level dipped a little bit to 17 and I started flipping. Now, it is not low enough to get concerned about, so I calmed down after a while, but I am being put on suppositories so that I can get my levels back to where they were, jsut to be on the safe side. It's probably since my ovaries are supposed to produce this hormone and on their own, without meds, they dont know how to do much of anything lol.

So, on Monday, Feb 4, we get our first Ultrasound!! I am dying for Monday to come so I can see the baby and most likely be able to see the heartbeat and then I will be more relaxed. Right now I'm on edge even though I know I need to calm down. Everything is going great, but I'm just a worry wart. Well, I'll let you know on Monday what we got to see and if there is one baby or more (gasp) long as the baby/babies are healthy I could care less!

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