Monday, November 26, 2007

This cycle was a bust....

Well, my one percious egg did not get fertilized and my AF came the night before Thanksgiving! So I had to go in on Sat for baseline bloodwork and an ultrasound and boy was that interesting!! There were 2 ladies there that I've never met before and the one that did my bloodwork and us was like 80-90 years old and sooo slow. The us was probably like 15 mins long!!! Well, all I have to say is all is well, all of my meds are raised and I have to begin them today, cd5, so we'll see God-willing this will be our lucky cycle. I think I will ask for a trigger shot to be more percise and I will def do at least one IUI and question the benefits of a second back-to-back one. I will do all that we can to get you here into this world and most of, keeping the both of us healthy in the meantime! Well, I'll let you know what happens next week when I go in for monitoring.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Update on RE appts

Well, I haven't updated in a while. Last week I went to the RE on m/w/f to get my levels and see if I was close to ovulating. Well on Wednesday when I was at day 15 and I hadn't made much progress since Monday I broke down. I was really upset, but god answered my prayers like always and on Friday I found out that I have one good egg on the right hand side and I was close to ovulating!!! I was on cloud was so exciting!! So I went on Monday 11/5/07 for an IUI. It was very intersting....we got the "gift" in the parking lot to be fresh and then it has to be washed and you have to wait afterwards and wear a plastic baggie inside!! Wait until I tell you this story!! So now we're playing the waiting game and on Mon 11/12 I have to go back and get blood work done beacuse if my estrogen levels aren't up you wont become implanted even if you were "fertilized" so I guess depending on my levels I may need to take shots....but one step at a time.

Louis's wife Ada had a dream (without knowing what we're going through) that I was prego with twins, so we'll see, but right now I'm focusing on have one healthy baby, if I have more than 1 thats great as long as they're healthy. I had a dream last night too that I took a prego test and it had 2 lines, but its still to early to test. On a better note, they say if you take your temp it rises when you O and doesnt go back down unless you didn't conceive and I didn't take it before lol, but its over 100 now still so I think its always been that high. but all we can do is wait!